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Wk5-Art Project- New Identity

I never had a good reason to wear a suit to school until I heard about our new class project last Tuesday. I thought it would be funny to wear my suit to my Friday evening class. I didn’t want to do it during the hot day so I don’t sweet and suffer under the heat.

My Friday evening class was the perfect setting because the room is huge and there is a large amount of students. I decided to sit on the opposite side from where I usually sit so that I wont be easily recognized. I took out a pen and starting writing in an empty notebook. I pretended I was writing a review on the class. The students noticed me and they immediately put their phones away and paid more intension to the professor. Since I wore a suit to class the students saw me as higher authority. I didn’t even say a word to anyone about my fake back-story. The appearance did it all.



Wk5-Artist Interview- Colin Thompson

As I was looking around in the art galleries last Thursday, I was impressed on how the different ways the photographs were displayed. After I finished browsing I met with artist Colin Thompson. I complemented Thompson’s fine work of display and I asked him what influenced his technique. He told me that he like to display photos in a 3dimensional way. In this particular piece, Thompson took close up pictures around his apartments and displayed them on a semi 3d rectangular platform.IMG_1860

Later I learned that Thompson attends CSULB. Prior to his academics at The Beach he went to Moorpark college. I mentioned to him that I am a film major here and he told me that he plans on going to film graduate school. I became immediately interested because I am also considering that route.IMG_1858

wk5-Classmate Interview- Amber Reyes

Last Thursday at the CSULB Art Galleries, I had the privilege in meeting Amber Reyes. Amber is currently in her second year of study with goals of earning a psychology degree. After she graduates she hopes to pursue a career in child psychology, preferably working a school as a student psychologist. Amber was born and raised in Long Beach, Lakewood. She is a big fan of Disney movies, her favorite being “The Lion King”. We both agreed that the movie is a masterpiece.

I learned that Amber has a busy schedule. Not only does she devote most of her time to studying she also works two jobs. Amber works at Costco, she manages the go-backs at the end of the day. Unfortunately her employment at Costco does not come with sweet discounts for their products. As far as her other job goes, she works for HD Supplies, which is a hardware store. Amber operates the cash register.

After the interview Amber and I decided to go back to the galleries and look at some photographs. We saw a red filtered picture of two girls posing. The picture was edited in a way that we can’t see from their chest down. We talked about it and came up with our own conclusion. Maybe the artist wanted the audience to only check them out based on their facial expressions and not the rest of their body.IMG_1863

Wk 4-Art Project-The Sandy Hand

This was a very fun art project! I called up one of my good friends, Jonny Benjamie and I asked him if he wanted to join me at the beach and make this project. After listening to the details, he became interested. “What a good reason to hang out at the beach for the day”, he said. He arrived at my house and we discussed how to keep the costs of this project minimum. Luckily the construction workers left behind some useful supplies at my apartment building. We found a very large bucket and a stirring utensil. After researching different types of plaster that we could use, I decided to purchase Plaster of Paris from Home Depot. The service at Home Depot is nothing like the advertisement we see on television. I wanted to confirm with employee about the mixing method displayed on the box and she insisted that I should research the question on youtube. Big help, thanks!

An hour later we arrived at the beautiful Santa Monica Beach. Jonny and I started work immediately. We dug up three separate holes, two for me and one for Jonny. He decided that it is best to make multiple molds at once so we can pick out the best one for later. All three holes consisted of a hand mold. The first mold we dug out was Jonny’s. We were surprised that it turned out as good as it did. We finished digging out the rest.

The best result was the mold that resembled my left hand. As I was cleaning out the sand a couple approached me and asked if I found the hand in the ocean. I laughed a little and explained the process to them. Hopefully I inspired them to create sculptors of their own. I plan on giving this art piece to my grandparents. I promised to always give them a hand 😉


Wk4-Artist Interview-Scott Burns

I had the pleasure in viewing Scott Burns’s art work last thursday. It was great to get to meet him and talk about the inspiration of his art. My favorite piece in his gallery is “Big Foot”. I like the fact the sculpture was of a man with one oversized foot and the other foot was of normal proportion. The statue was holding a white sphere in front of it’s face. At first I thought the white sphere was the moon an the at the statue was supposed to be the moon’s version of Atlas.IMG_1828

After meeting Scott I learned that the sculpture of “Big Foot” was inspired by his late friend. The white sphere was actually an eyeball. He brought up that his friend was missing an eye and that is what the white ball meant. Although he did say that my first analysis was interesting.

I am very impressed with Scott. As he was sitting outside of his gallery, he had a table full of dried pieces of clay that he continued to carve. I asked if Scott draws sketches of his work prior to sculpting, he said “sometimes”. He does not use models, usually he examines his own anatomy for shaping his art.IMG_1830

Scott and I share something in common. We have both played water polo. It was very fun to sit and talk about the water polo community that we grew up in.

Wk4-Classmate Interview-Minerva Madrigal

Last Thursday I met Minerva Madrigal at the CSULB art galleries. She kindly commented on my height and later asked for an interview. I learned that Minerva is a sophomore at The Beach as a sociology major with a minor in art. After graduation she plans on becoming a journalist through a sociological scope. Her career plans don’t stop there. Minerva plans on having a side job as a tattoo artist, her biggest inspiration is that famous Kat Von D.

Minerva is a big fan of Tim Burton movies. Her favorite film is Edward Scissor hands. We laughed when I told her that my favorite Tim Burton film is Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. I was impressed of her devotion to his films after she showed me her tattoo of Sally from Night Mare Before Christmas.

Minerva seems very well rounded in the work force. Her past job was at Lee’s Sandwhiches near campus. Her service consisted of every chore the store had to offer, from cleaning the bathrooms to working the cash register. After she broke her toe, she left her job due to unfair circumstances. IMG_1829

wk3- art project-kickstart idea

Hello! Sorry for the inconvenience but I had a difficult time uploading my video. I must resort to a text description of my idea.

My team and I are designing a new formula called Vision Drops. This is a new prescription eye drop that enhances the patients eye site. My team and I need $150,000 for further development and research. This new formula will eliminate the need for glasses and contact lenses.

To accurately correct a patients vision with this new formula. Each patient must go through an eye examination for a custom prescription.