Wk1-Classmate Interview-Tanner Binsfeld

As I was browsing through the art galleries, Tanner Binsfeld called for my attention. I felt very pleased to finally see a familiar face within the crowed of strangers. We began to examine the collection of art, together we tried our best to act as critiques who actually know what they are talking about. Both of us found it very fun to give an amateur opinion on art.

 Getting to know Tanner brought me great joy. I was pleased to learn that Tanner just entered his sophomore year at CSULB while studying kinesiology. With his major, he hopes to pursue a career in professional sports medicine. After hearing about his strong ambition, I have faith that he is on a successful path.

Tanner is a native of Chico, California, which is about a 5 hour drive from Long Beach. Unfortunately his prior location is not near the beach, he mentioned. His unique expertise on coffee impressed me. He picks up his knowledge from being an employee at It’s a Grind coffee shop in Long Beach. The selection of coffee tempts me to pay a visit.

One of the many art pieces that we discussed was titled “Rocking Chair”, created by Clare Little from the University of California, Santa Barbara. The art piece consists of a wooden chair laid on its back with a leather horse saddle mounted on the edge of the seat. First we talked about the title of the piece.  “Rocking Chair”. I mentioned to Tanner that an actual rocking chair simulates a horseback ride and that this art piece brings the simulation to a literal form. We also talked about how it suggests a different way to sit on a chair. This interpretation allows us to view things in a variety of ways.

As I mentioned, it was my pleasure to meet Tanner during our art gallery tour. Feel free to introduce yourself to him. He is a very nice guy and a pleasure to know.

Tanner and myself sitting at the art gallery courtyard at CSULB

First Week of Class.


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