Wk1-GLAMFA Artist- Clare Little

This art piece fascinates me because it is a relic from a classic fairy tale that most of us are familiar with. It is titled “Three Little Pigs”. This piece created by Clare Little from the University of California, Santa Barbara, captured my attention because of the smooth pebble finish of a brick cluster. The cluster starts off with a rough rectangle shape, then it is etched to a smooth round shape. This pattern shows how objects have the potential to be misshaped and deteriorated over time.

When I look at a brick cluster, I think of it as a ruin. During some point in time, the cluster used to be apart of a structure. In this particular case I think this cluster belonged to the structure of the third and final shelter created by the three little pigs. Although the shelter was strong enough to hold off the big bad wold, it however, was not strong enough to hold off time.

This art piece brings up the fact that nothing lasts forever. Even if it was great and powerful in the past, it will diminish over time. Same goes with people. We all grow to live an amazing life with wonderful experiences, but the end will come. Fragments of our contributions will last hence the smooth cluster of brick left behind by the three little pigs.

CSULB art gallery. "Three Little Pigs"

Brick cluster “Three little Pigs”


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