Wk 2-Classmate Interview-Zack Ramirez

Last Thursday I met with Zack Ramirez during the art gallery viewings. We got the chance to get to know each other as we walked around the 5 galleries. Zack and I started off discussing where we are from. I mentioned to him that I am born and raised in LA, Zack, however was born in Santa Barbara and raised in Long Beach. He commutes to school everyday because of the convenient location of his home. Zack lives about 5 -7 minutes away.

            Zack is currently attending his second academic year at CSULB. Prior to his studies at The Beach, he attended Los Alamitos High School. Zack was a member of the school’s football team. He combines his strong work ethic with CSULB’s ROTC program. He plans on serving the US army after graduating with a degree in Kinesiology, in which he specializes in physical education. Zack is considering serving the Army for 20 years, if he does not feel the need to go higher in the ranking system he will coach high school football as well as physical education.

            Zack and I used most of our time to discuss art. We spent the first part talking about our posts from last week. I explained my ideas on the “Three Little Pig” brick cluster. Zack mentioned that his previous post was on the art piece that featured the Dollar Tree. He was amazed that artist used a small variety of objects of the same color to create a work of art. Zack was surprised that the store manager allowed that artist to work in the store.IMG_1764


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