Wk2-Art Activity-Instagram

This project allows me to examine the class as a whole. I find it a unique way to observe the common interests of my piers. Location. Activity. Food. Selfies. These seem to be the most popular categories within the shared hashtag.

            A few of my favorite posts of the location category includes artsy angles of the Walter Pyramid and the full parking lot at CSULB. I think we feel privileged to have the blue pyramid at our school, I think it is a fun feature to show off on social media. Also, I definitely feel the pain with those who posted pictures of the full parking lot, because of the packed parking lots I myself have to park off campus for a guaranteed space.

            The popular activity that was being shared within our group of 140 students was the NFL opening game. This particular event is highly anticipated by football fans during the off-season. What better way to celebrate than posting a picture of your 70 inch flat screen displaying the game?

            Before I looked through the hashtag page, I was very curious to see how many food posts I will see. It is no surprise to me to see all the home cooked, mid night snack, fast food, and fine dinging diner pics.    

Selfies are a must for many.



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