Wk2- GLAMFA Artist- Clara Little

At first glance the art piece “Rocking Chair” by Clara Little put a curious smile on my face. Before I read the tittle, I began to wonder why there is a horse saddle placed on a wooden chair. I thought to myself, “What a unique way to sit on a chair”. A chair with not one but two seats! As I circled around the art piece I thought the artist wants to point out different options. Not only can we sit on the chair the normal way but we can also tilt it on its side and strap on a saddle. It also suggests that we can feel free to see things in a non-conventional way.

            As soon as I read the tittle “Rocking Chair” I started laughing. I began to think about the function of an actual rocking chair. It is designed to replicate horseback riding. In this case Clara Little’s unique design of a rocking chair humorously features a horse saddle that enhances the function of a rocking chair.




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