W3- Artist Interview- Christopher Vavrek

As I was waiting in line to view the works of Christopher Vavrek, I did not know what to expect. I assumed there would be electrical elements because of the rubber tubes hanging around the entrance. After walking in the dark room I noticed the odd formations of outdated technology. It was nice to see a use for the technology rather to see them thrown away or kept in boxes never to be opened again.

That thought lead me to believe that Vavrek wanted to amaze us how the outdated technology once did. Usually people will not be impressed with computer monitors and television sets to have huge bumps behind them. It was also interesting to see that the room’s only light source came from flashing projectors and glowing screens.

As I read about Vaverek, I learned that my initial thought about his art was not far off. As he talked about his work he said “ I re-employ these discarded and unwanted materials from our cultural and technological landscape in an effort to respond to the mass technological era we are apart of, and also the product of”. IMG_6534


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