Wk 4-Art Project-The Sandy Hand

This was a very fun art project! I called up one of my good friends, Jonny Benjamie and I asked him if he wanted to join me at the beach and make this project. After listening to the details, he became interested. “What a good reason to hang out at the beach for the day”, he said. He arrived at my house and we discussed how to keep the costs of this project minimum. Luckily the construction workers left behind some useful supplies at my apartment building. We found a very large bucket and a stirring utensil. After researching different types of plaster that we could use, I decided to purchase Plaster of Paris from Home Depot. The service at Home Depot is nothing like the advertisement we see on television. I wanted to confirm with employee about the mixing method displayed on the box and she insisted that I should research the question on youtube. Big help, thanks!

An hour later we arrived at the beautiful Santa Monica Beach. Jonny and I started work immediately. We dug up three separate holes, two for me and one for Jonny. He decided that it is best to make multiple molds at once so we can pick out the best one for later. All three holes consisted of a hand mold. The first mold we dug out was Jonny’s. We were surprised that it turned out as good as it did. We finished digging out the rest.

The best result was the mold that resembled my left hand. As I was cleaning out the sand a couple approached me and asked if I found the hand in the ocean. I laughed a little and explained the process to them. Hopefully I inspired them to create sculptors of their own. I plan on giving this art piece to my grandparents. I promised to always give them a hand 😉



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