Wk4-Artist Interview-Scott Burns

I had the pleasure in viewing Scott Burns’s art work last thursday. It was great to get to meet him and talk about the inspiration of his art. My favorite piece in his gallery is “Big Foot”. I like the fact the sculpture was of a man with one oversized foot and the other foot was of normal proportion. The statue was holding a white sphere in front of it’s face. At first I thought the white sphere was the moon an the at the statue was supposed to be the moon’s version of Atlas.IMG_1828

After meeting Scott I learned that the sculpture of “Big Foot” was inspired by his late friend. The white sphere was actually an eyeball. He brought up that his friend was missing an eye and that is what the white ball meant. Although he did say that my first analysis was interesting.

I am very impressed with Scott. As he was sitting outside of his gallery, he had a table full of dried pieces of clay that he continued to carve. I asked if Scott draws sketches of his work prior to sculpting, he said “sometimes”. He does not use models, usually he examines his own anatomy for shaping his art.IMG_1830

Scott and I share something in common. We have both played water polo. It was very fun to sit and talk about the water polo community that we grew up in.


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