Wk4-Classmate Interview-Minerva Madrigal

Last Thursday I met Minerva Madrigal at the CSULB art galleries. She kindly commented on my height and later asked for an interview. I learned that Minerva is a sophomore at The Beach as a sociology major with a minor in art. After graduation she plans on becoming a journalist through a sociological scope. Her career plans don’t stop there. Minerva plans on having a side job as a tattoo artist, her biggest inspiration is that famous Kat Von D.

Minerva is a big fan of Tim Burton movies. Her favorite film is Edward Scissor hands. We laughed when I told her that my favorite Tim Burton film is Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. I was impressed of her devotion to his films after she showed me her tattoo of Sally from Night Mare Before Christmas.

Minerva seems very well rounded in the work force. Her past job was at Lee’s Sandwhiches near campus. Her service consisted of every chore the store had to offer, from cleaning the bathrooms to working the cash register. After she broke her toe, she left her job due to unfair circumstances. IMG_1829


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