Wk5-Art Project- New Identity

I never had a good reason to wear a suit to school until I heard about our new class project last Tuesday. I thought it would be funny to wear my suit to my Friday evening class. I didn’t want to do it during the hot day so I don’t sweet and suffer under the heat.

My Friday evening class was the perfect setting because the room is huge and there is a large amount of students. I decided to sit on the opposite side from where I usually sit so that I wont be easily recognized. I took out a pen and starting writing in an empty notebook. I pretended I was writing a review on the class. The students noticed me and they immediately put their phones away and paid more intension to the professor. Since I wore a suit to class the students saw me as higher authority. I didn’t even say a word to anyone about my fake back-story. The appearance did it all.



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