wk5-Classmate Interview- Amber Reyes

Last Thursday at the CSULB Art Galleries, I had the privilege in meeting Amber Reyes. Amber is currently in her second year of study with goals of earning a psychology degree. After she graduates she hopes to pursue a career in child psychology, preferably working a school as a student psychologist. Amber was born and raised in Long Beach, Lakewood. She is a big fan of Disney movies, her favorite being “The Lion King”. We both agreed that the movie is a masterpiece.

I learned that Amber has a busy schedule. Not only does she devote most of her time to studying she also works two jobs. Amber works at Costco, she manages the go-backs at the end of the day. Unfortunately her employment at Costco does not come with sweet discounts for their products. As far as her other job goes, she works for HD Supplies, which is a hardware store. Amber operates the cash register.

After the interview Amber and I decided to go back to the galleries and look at some photographs. We saw a red filtered picture of two girls posing. The picture was edited in a way that we can’t see from their chest down. We talked about it and came up with our own conclusion. Maybe the artist wanted the audience to only check them out based on their facial expressions and not the rest of their body.IMG_1863


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