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Wk9-Artist Interview- Andre Stevenson

It was wonderful to view the artwork of Andre Stevenson at the art galleries this past week. After closely looking at his piece I still couldn’t quite get the meaning of his work. After I called him over, Andre gladly got up to explain his piece to me.

It turns out that he chose to map out the coast of Santa Barbara because he is familiar with the Native American community over there. On the top side of his map he wrote “Fallacy of Accident: Racism is based on the fallacy that the accident of color or race constitutes an essential difference between human beings (Oesterle, p.256) Andre decided to write out the definition for racism because that was his best way to display the meaning of his idea. The meaning behind the red tape that he used was that the government is doing very little to help preserve the Native American heritage in California.

Andre is currently attending his final semester at CSULB. He is specializing in printing. His favorite form of printing is etching because of the scientific process of it. He explained that etching requires a sheet of metal with a coat of an acidic substance. Then with a sharp hard surface a person can etch his sketch onto the sheet of metal.

IMG_1961 IMG_1960


Wk9-Classmate Interview- Marlene Gonzalez

This past week I had the pleasure of meeting Marlene Gonzalez. I learned that she is currently attending her 3rd year at CSULB. She is majoring in Child Development with the hopes of becoming a pre-school teacher after graduation.

Marlene was born and raised in Long Beach. She currently has a very rewarding job by taking care of the handicap. Based on Marlene’s work experience and desire to become a pre-school teacher, I can tell that she has a helping hand.

At home, Marlene’s hobbies include watching romantic comedies on Netflix with her pet bunny named “Bunny” on her side. IMG_1958

Wk8- Art Project- Eportfolio

When I designed my first wordpress blog page it was mainly to submit my homework for my art110 class. But as the semester progressed my professor would constantly lecture on how important this website is for us as an individual. We are given the set of tools to freely express our thought and creative work with the world.

As a film major I find this tool very important because it gives me the chance to develop a portfolio for my work. Not only will people have the chance to see my creative ideas but I will have the opportunity to read feedback on my work. Feedback for filmmakers is really important because we would like to see if our work delivered the message clearly and affectively.

The changes that I have done with my page is that I converted the layout themes. My first theme was called “Visual” I chose that theme because I allowed easy access to my blogs. Now I have my page switched to “Twenty Twelve”. This new page allows me to organize my work into different categories. I designed an access button to my Art 110 blogs and I have added a new feature to show my films. Also I have a comment section for feedback. I look forward to incorporate my new personal projects into me eportfolio.

Before                                                    After

IMG_1957 IMG_1956

Week 8- Artist Interview-Brian Davis

As I was browsing through the art galleries I became really interested in Brian Davis’s work. I saw a bunch of ceramic monitors with colored class crushed in the center. My favorite thing to do before I have a chance to speak with the artist is to formulate my own response to their artwork and later describe what I felt before they tell me what their goal for the project was. As I was speaking with Brian he happily welcomed my response and was very appreciative with my feedback. We both share some of the same responses to his artwork. I told him that when you look at a television monitor closely all you see is colorful pixels and not the full image and that his artwork reminds me of just that. Brian has a very philosophical influence to show in his artwork. He studies the principles of Aristotle and Plato’s ideas of Natural Science Through Frame.

I learned that Brian is in his senior year at CSULB. He will be getting his BFA in Ceramics. After graduation he plans on developing his own Artists In Residency (AIR) centers. He explained that they are small communities that house artists and give them room for designing and storing art projects. These areas are great for artists who wish to travel around the world and to get influenced by others working with and/or around them.


Wk8- Classmate Interview-Tyler Hirata

Last week I had the pleasure in meeting Tyler Hirata. Tyler is a junior at Cal State Long Beach and he is majoring in Information Systems. CSULB was his first choice for college. He came into his freshman year as a pre-nursing major.

Tyler loves taking photographs. His camera at home is a Nikon D90. He only has one lens which is a 50mm prime lens. He like enjoys using the prime lenses because it provides a challenge when he takes pictures. He also enjoys spending his time on youtube and watching television. Tyler and myself are both big Quentin Tarantino Fans. His favorite movies are Django, Inglorious Bastards, and Pulp Fiction.

Tyler is also a wiz with technology. He has built his own computer and he needs to have access to the latest phones and gadgets. IMG_1944

Wk7-Art Project- Graffiti

This was a very fun and exciting art project. As I child I grew up ridding my bike around Venice beach. I always passed by the graffiti wall and observed the taggers casting their art on their concrete canvas. Never did I think that I would ever have the guts to cast my own painting for everyone to see. I chose to do my artwork at Venice Beach. It was mainly to fulfill my childhood dream.

After explaining the details of the project to my sister she immediately agreed to join me on this quest. We went to our local hardware store to purchase our two cans of spray paint. I chose to buy a black and yellow to rep CSULB. As I was tagging my name on the wall, I could not stop smiling. I was a very liberating experience for me because I am no longer to shy to express my artwork in front of a lot of people. I was a little nervous, thinking that it would not turn out good but the finished product pleased me. I just might do this again.


Wk7-Artis Interview-Daniel Rivera

Last week I got the chance to interview Daniel Rivera after spectating his work. I was rally excited to enter his gallery because he had a film to show us. I missed the beginning of it so I had to watch it from the middle.

The film consisted of a couple hugging while being conjoined with gauze wrappings. The couple did not move but their locations changed from time to time. At first the locations seemed random but it made more sense to me after Daniel explained it. Some of the locations included hugging in a crowded bus, in a busy shopping center, and a cemetery. Daniel told me that he picked these locations because human contact and affection is needed almost everywhere.

After learning more about Daniel’s work, I got to know more about him. Rivera is currently a senior at CSULB. He is a fine arts major concentrating on drawing and painting. After graduation he plans to continue his passion for art and constantly challenging himself with his new projects.