Wk6-Classmate Interview- Greg Violan

Last Week, I had the pleasure in meeting Greg Violan. Greg is currently a sophomore at CSULB. He plans on graduating with a degree in computer science. After graduation he plans on developing his career in computer animation. Greg prefers to work internationally because he wants to travel the world.

Greg was born in the Philippines. By age nine him and his family moved out to Long Beach. His siblings consist of two older brothers, age 20 and 23. Greg is currently employed at his local arcade called “Round 1”. His favorite game that he enjoys playing on is spare time is a Japanese racing game, Initial D.

His hobbies include watching foreign movies, playing video games, shooting hoops, and drawing. We share our movie interest in common. His favorite types of movies are romantic comedies and movies that make him feel sad.IMG_1895


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