Wk7-Artis Interview-Daniel Rivera

Last week I got the chance to interview Daniel Rivera after spectating his work. I was rally excited to enter his gallery because he had a film to show us. I missed the beginning of it so I had to watch it from the middle.

The film consisted of a couple hugging while being conjoined with gauze wrappings. The couple did not move but their locations changed from time to time. At first the locations seemed random but it made more sense to me after Daniel explained it. Some of the locations included hugging in a crowded bus, in a busy shopping center, and a cemetery. Daniel told me that he picked these locations because human contact and affection is needed almost everywhere.

After learning more about Daniel’s work, I got to know more about him. Rivera is currently a senior at CSULB. He is a fine arts major concentrating on drawing and painting. After graduation he plans to continue his passion for art and constantly challenging himself with his new projects.



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