Week 8- Artist Interview-Brian Davis

As I was browsing through the art galleries I became really interested in Brian Davis’s work. I saw a bunch of ceramic monitors with colored class crushed in the center. My favorite thing to do before I have a chance to speak with the artist is to formulate my own response to their artwork and later describe what I felt before they tell me what their goal for the project was. As I was speaking with Brian he happily welcomed my response and was very appreciative with my feedback. We both share some of the same responses to his artwork. I told him that when you look at a television monitor closely all you see is colorful pixels and not the full image and that his artwork reminds me of just that. Brian has a very philosophical influence to show in his artwork. He studies the principles of Aristotle and Plato’s ideas of Natural Science Through Frame.

I learned that Brian is in his senior year at CSULB. He will be getting his BFA in Ceramics. After graduation he plans on developing his own Artists In Residency (AIR) centers. He explained that they are small communities that house artists and give them room for designing and storing art projects. These areas are great for artists who wish to travel around the world and to get influenced by others working with and/or around them.



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