Wk8- Art Project- Eportfolio

When I designed my first wordpress blog page it was mainly to submit my homework for my art110 class. But as the semester progressed my professor would constantly lecture on how important this website is for us as an individual. We are given the set of tools to freely express our thought and creative work with the world.

As a film major I find this tool very important because it gives me the chance to develop a portfolio for my work. Not only will people have the chance to see my creative ideas but I will have the opportunity to read feedback on my work. Feedback for filmmakers is really important because we would like to see if our work delivered the message clearly and affectively.

The changes that I have done with my page is that I converted the layout themes. My first theme was called “Visual” I chose that theme because I allowed easy access to my blogs. Now I have my page switched to “Twenty Twelve”. This new page allows me to organize my work into different categories. I designed an access button to my Art 110 blogs and I have added a new feature to show my films. Also I have a comment section for feedback. I look forward to incorporate my new personal projects into me eportfolio.

Before                                                    After

IMG_1957 IMG_1956


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