Wk8- Classmate Interview-Tyler Hirata

Last week I had the pleasure in meeting Tyler Hirata. Tyler is a junior at Cal State Long Beach and he is majoring in Information Systems. CSULB was his first choice for college. He came into his freshman year as a pre-nursing major.

Tyler loves taking photographs. His camera at home is a Nikon D90. He only has one lens which is a 50mm prime lens. He like enjoys using the prime lenses because it provides a challenge when he takes pictures. He also enjoys spending his time on youtube and watching television. Tyler and myself are both big Quentin Tarantino Fans. His favorite movies are Django, Inglorious Bastards, and Pulp Fiction.

Tyler is also a wiz with technology. He has built his own computer and he needs to have access to the latest phones and gadgets. IMG_1944


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