Wk9-Artist Interview- Andre Stevenson

It was wonderful to view the artwork of Andre Stevenson at the art galleries this past week. After closely looking at his piece I still couldn’t quite get the meaning of his work. After I called him over, Andre gladly got up to explain his piece to me.

It turns out that he chose to map out the coast of Santa Barbara because he is familiar with the Native American community over there. On the top side of his map he wrote “Fallacy of Accident: Racism is based on the fallacy that the accident of color or race constitutes an essential difference between human beings (Oesterle, p.256) Andre decided to write out the definition for racism because that was his best way to display the meaning of his idea. The meaning behind the red tape that he used was that the government is doing very little to help preserve the Native American heritage in California.

Andre is currently attending his final semester at CSULB. He is specializing in printing. His favorite form of printing is etching because of the scientific process of it. He explained that etching requires a sheet of metal with a coat of an acidic substance. Then with a sharp hard surface a person can etch his sketch onto the sheet of metal.

IMG_1961 IMG_1960


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