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Week 13- Artist Interview- Brittnee Forline

This past week I enjoyed examining the art work of Brittnee Forline. Her artwork is crafting jewelry. In her galleries she had a fantastic display of beautiful artistic jewelry. As we spoke I could not help but ask about her inspiration for her work, and she explained that most of it came from fantast stories and video games such as Legends of Zelda and Lord of the Rings.

My favorite piece was a necklace of a pouch containing arrows for the archer. She told me that it is inspired from the character Zelda.

Brittnee is currently attending her last semester at CSULB. She will be earning a BFA emphasizing in metal works. Her favorite metal to work with is silver because of the color and the ability to wear it around without causing any skin problems.

Brittnee also explained the interesting process of jewelry making. She told me that wax molds are made and that will be used as a cast. After its done they melt out the wax and poor in the rich stuff to make the jewelry.

IMG_2011 IMG_2009


Week 13-Classmate Interview-Diana Garcie

This past week I had the pleasure in meeting Diana Garcia. Diana is currently attending her freshman year at CSULB and she had taken an interest in pre-psychology. She has not yet decided what she wants to pursue with her degree after she graduates.

Diana’a favorite hobbies is reading, listening to music, watching movies, drawing, and visiting Barnes & Noble. Her favorite reading list includes the Harry Potter series, The 5 people You Meet in Heaven, and Casual Vacancy. For music, we both commonly enjoy listening to The Beatles and Nirvana. She also enjoys watching the Harry Potter films as well as Disney movies.

Diana’s past experience in art is Art Class in high school. Her favorite art is sketching .


Week 12- Art Project Feedback

3 of my favorite activities:

My favorite activity was Week 4 Sulpture: This art project definitely introduced a new hobby in my life. The idea is so simple and the process is fun and exciting. My favorite part of this project is sitting by the beach and waiting for the mold to harden. Digging it out delicately makes me feel like an archeologist.

Another project that a thoroughly enjoyed was Week 7 Painting: This project gave me another excuse to visit the beach and tag legally at Venice Beach. As a kid I always watched artists tag the wall and I never thought I would be brave enough to step forward and tag my own art on the wall.

Week 10 Photography was also a fun one: I found myself spending lots of time thinking about how my death should look like. Even though I had to limit my creativity because I had to take the photo myself, I still had lots of fun planning the piece. It was also a very interesting concept to think about.

However, I did not enjoy Week 3 Arts Funding: I am not a huge fan of asking people for funding, so coming up with an idea that I am willing to except donations for became difficult. Also, we had to make a video and that process was difficult for me because I didn’t want to publish a video on youtube to create a link for my video. I wish there was a simpler way to upload videos on blogs.

I also did not enjoy week 8 eportfolio: I understand that we have to get ready our careers, as we venture off to the world of business, but a non-art, art project is pretty boring. I enjoy unique activities more that contemplating my future goals.

Week 9 Vlogging: The vlogging was another complicated/boring one. I still could not get past the youtube or vemo streaming, so unfortunately I ended up not completing the assignment. I just wish that I could create and upload videos with no technical complications.

I really enjoyed this class overall. It is nice to sit back and relax in the dark room during Tuesdays. I enjoy watching the loud video presentations that are shown during class time. Especially the videos of artists as they talk about their art projects and passion for them. Thursdays are also very fun. It is great to have to opportunity to meet and talk to many of my classmate. I don’t expect to have as many conversations with students in my other courses. But this activity helps me in approaching students with ease. Talking to artists on Thursdays are also very interesting. I like giving my feedback to the artists and having a conversation about it. Many of the artists were able to relate to my feedback.

I don’t have much advise to make this class any better. But I do have one suggestion, I think it would be beneficial if we are taught some fundamental techniques for the various art projects that we have to do. Some of us, including myself have limited skillful art techniques. I think some tips would greatly benefit the quality of work that we turn in.

week 12-I Teach You- Puppy Pictures

I am excited to talk about the fundamentals of puppy photography. The key in capturing the perfect photo is to focus on capturing the innocence of the puppy. No matter how naughty they may appear in the photo, their child like appearance should be enough to melt the hearts of the viewer.

Not all photos have to be mischievous. I personally enjoy taking pictures of my puppy at times when he finds comfort. I like to lay down in his habitat underneath our dinner table to find him at peace.

Black and White photo’s are an excellent option for puppy pictures. The true nature of their soul is delicately shown with the effect of a grey photo. In the photo that I present is in color so I can show the contrast of colors between the rich brown color of the table legs and the dark black color of my dog’s coat. I prefer to take pictures of him when his eyes are wide open to create contact with the viewer.


Week 12-Artist Interview- Michelle Thompkins

This past week I enjoyed the works of Michelle Thompkins at the CSULB art galleries. I was very impressed to hear that Michelle is attending het 3rd year towards her MFA. On top of her studies, Michelle works for Dreamworks as a productions assistant. She wants to work towards a career in Character design.

In her artwork, Michelle intends to capture related human emotions in her illustration. Her piece with overflowing traffic reminded me of the misery that heavy traffic has to offer. We had a discussion about that specific piece. I told her that I felt bad about the driver approaching the heavy traffic because he sees the non-overcomable doom that he getting ready to face.

IMG_1998 IMG_1997

Week 12-Classmate Interview- Sandra Menjivar

This past week I had the pleasure in meeting Sandra Menjivar at the CSULB art galleries. She is currently attending her first year at CSULB as a freshman. Sandra has not yet decided on a major but she is considering to earn her degree in education. Sandra is also employed at CSULB. She helps out with the communication barrier with foreign exchange students. After graduation, Sandra wishes to fulfill her lifelong dream in exploring Europe.

Sandra was born and raised in Artesia, her daily commute to CSULB is a comfortable 15 minute drive. On her spare time she like to take care of her three dogs and sit back to watch comedy movies.


Week 11- Art Project- Cooking

Cooking is art. I chose to do my art project on cooking so I can explain my appreciation for food preparation. I am a firm believer that food should not only feed the stomach but it must feed the eyes as well.

Cooking is a good hobby to pick up because it is a great lifestyle skill to hone. It is also a plus to impress a significant other with good cooking skills. Cooking is also easy to pick up. There are so many resources to learn how to cook. There are cookbooks, youtube, cooking channels, and family members that can cook.

The most fun that I have with cooking is changing up recipes and getting unique with displaying the food. Keep in mind that cooking rules can be broken only if you can pull it off with a good tasting outcome.

For this project I decided to prepare an oven baked chicken with potatoes and Thanksgiving stuffing. Tasted as good as it looks.