Week 11- Art Project- Cooking

Cooking is art. I chose to do my art project on cooking so I can explain my appreciation for food preparation. I am a firm believer that food should not only feed the stomach but it must feed the eyes as well.

Cooking is a good hobby to pick up because it is a great lifestyle skill to hone. It is also a plus to impress a significant other with good cooking skills. Cooking is also easy to pick up. There are so many resources to learn how to cook. There are cookbooks, youtube, cooking channels, and family members that can cook.

The most fun that I have with cooking is changing up recipes and getting unique with displaying the food. Keep in mind that cooking rules can be broken only if you can pull it off with a good tasting outcome.

For this project I decided to prepare an oven baked chicken with potatoes and Thanksgiving stuffing. Tasted as good as it looks.



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