week 12-I Teach You- Puppy Pictures

I am excited to talk about the fundamentals of puppy photography. The key in capturing the perfect photo is to focus on capturing the innocence of the puppy. No matter how naughty they may appear in the photo, their child like appearance should be enough to melt the hearts of the viewer.

Not all photos have to be mischievous. I personally enjoy taking pictures of my puppy at times when he finds comfort. I like to lay down in his habitat underneath our dinner table to find him at peace.

Black and White photo’s are an excellent option for puppy pictures. The true nature of their soul is delicately shown with the effect of a grey photo. In the photo that I present is in color so I can show the contrast of colors between the rich brown color of the table legs and the dark black color of my dog’s coat. I prefer to take pictures of him when his eyes are wide open to create contact with the viewer.



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