Week 12- Art Project Feedback

3 of my favorite activities:

My favorite activity was Week 4 Sulpture: This art project definitely introduced a new hobby in my life. The idea is so simple and the process is fun and exciting. My favorite part of this project is sitting by the beach and waiting for the mold to harden. Digging it out delicately makes me feel like an archeologist.

Another project that a thoroughly enjoyed was Week 7 Painting: This project gave me another excuse to visit the beach and tag legally at Venice Beach. As a kid I always watched artists tag the wall and I never thought I would be brave enough to step forward and tag my own art on the wall.

Week 10 Photography was also a fun one: I found myself spending lots of time thinking about how my death should look like. Even though I had to limit my creativity because I had to take the photo myself, I still had lots of fun planning the piece. It was also a very interesting concept to think about.

However, I did not enjoy Week 3 Arts Funding: I am not a huge fan of asking people for funding, so coming up with an idea that I am willing to except donations for became difficult. Also, we had to make a video and that process was difficult for me because I didn’t want to publish a video on youtube to create a link for my video. I wish there was a simpler way to upload videos on blogs.

I also did not enjoy week 8 eportfolio: I understand that we have to get ready our careers, as we venture off to the world of business, but a non-art, art project is pretty boring. I enjoy unique activities more that contemplating my future goals.

Week 9 Vlogging: The vlogging was another complicated/boring one. I still could not get past the youtube or vemo streaming, so unfortunately I ended up not completing the assignment. I just wish that I could create and upload videos with no technical complications.

I really enjoyed this class overall. It is nice to sit back and relax in the dark room during Tuesdays. I enjoy watching the loud video presentations that are shown during class time. Especially the videos of artists as they talk about their art projects and passion for them. Thursdays are also very fun. It is great to have to opportunity to meet and talk to many of my classmate. I don’t expect to have as many conversations with students in my other courses. But this activity helps me in approaching students with ease. Talking to artists on Thursdays are also very interesting. I like giving my feedback to the artists and having a conversation about it. Many of the artists were able to relate to my feedback.

I don’t have much advise to make this class any better. But I do have one suggestion, I think it would be beneficial if we are taught some fundamental techniques for the various art projects that we have to do. Some of us, including myself have limited skillful art techniques. I think some tips would greatly benefit the quality of work that we turn in.


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