Week 12-Artist Interview- Michelle Thompkins

This past week I enjoyed the works of Michelle Thompkins at the CSULB art galleries. I was very impressed to hear that Michelle is attending het 3rd year towards her MFA. On top of her studies, Michelle works for Dreamworks as a productions assistant. She wants to work towards a career in Character design.

In her artwork, Michelle intends to capture related human emotions in her illustration. Her piece with overflowing traffic reminded me of the misery that heavy traffic has to offer. We had a discussion about that specific piece. I told her that I felt bad about the driver approaching the heavy traffic because he sees the non-overcomable doom that he getting ready to face.

IMG_1998 IMG_1997


Week 12-Classmate Interview- Sandra Menjivar

This past week I had the pleasure in meeting Sandra Menjivar at the CSULB art galleries. She is currently attending her first year at CSULB as a freshman. Sandra has not yet decided on a major but she is considering to earn her degree in education. Sandra is also employed at CSULB. She helps out with the communication barrier with foreign exchange students. After graduation, Sandra wishes to fulfill her lifelong dream in exploring Europe.

Sandra was born and raised in Artesia, her daily commute to CSULB is a comfortable 15 minute drive. On her spare time she like to take care of her three dogs and sit back to watch comedy movies.


Week 11- Art Project- Cooking

Cooking is art. I chose to do my art project on cooking so I can explain my appreciation for food preparation. I am a firm believer that food should not only feed the stomach but it must feed the eyes as well.

Cooking is a good hobby to pick up because it is a great lifestyle skill to hone. It is also a plus to impress a significant other with good cooking skills. Cooking is also easy to pick up. There are so many resources to learn how to cook. There are cookbooks, youtube, cooking channels, and family members that can cook.

The most fun that I have with cooking is changing up recipes and getting unique with displaying the food. Keep in mind that cooking rules can be broken only if you can pull it off with a good tasting outcome.

For this project I decided to prepare an oven baked chicken with potatoes and Thanksgiving stuffing. Tasted as good as it looks.


Week 11- Artist Interview- Sean Findley

Last Wednesday I came across the Artwork of Sean Findley. Sean is attending his last year at CSULB and he specializes in Screen Printing. His artwork consisted of fast food wrappers and posters that he printed himself.

With food wrappers inspired by various fast food restaurants, Sean crumbled them into balls and piled them on to create a mini mountain. He displayed the fast food posters around the room.

Sean’s ideas of his work are very interesting. He is very displeased with fast food commercial methods and how they trick you into eating unhealthy food. His motivation is to use his artwork as a wake up call for most Americans and their unhealthy obsession with fast food.

IMG_1983 IMG_1985

Week 11-Classmate Interview- Angelica Camacho

Last week I had the pleasure in meeting Angelica Camacho. Angelica is currently attending her second year at CSULB and her major is still undeclared. She and I both enjoy meeting and interviewing new people each week for this class.

She currently works at Knott’s Berry Farm and after graduating college, she most looks for getting a new job. When she isn’t busy working or going to school, she enjoys hanging out with her boyfriend. On her spare time she plays the tenor saxophone and listens to Jazz music. Her favorite band, however, is The Beatles. angelicaelsacamacho.wordpress.com


Week 10- Art Project- Death Photo

This was a very interesting art project. Naturally I have pictured my death but it has never occurred to me to actually take a photograph of my death. I chose to take my photo in the exact way that I pictured my death in the past.

I don’t expect the cause of my death to be crazy or accidental. I do hope to die as an old man accepting my fate in the comfort of my own bed. I chose to wear my Hawaiian shirt in the photo of my death because I am retiring on going on a permanent vacation. Aloha!

I was forced to take a selfie of myself because my sister refused to take a picture of my death.


Week 10- Artist Interview- Jessica Bardales

This past week I had the pleasure of interviewing Artist Jessica Bardales. Jessica is currently at Senior and she is finishing up her last semester at CSULB. After she receives her degree in Art she wants to work with a professional photographer to learn and gain experience. With a bigger portfolio she will start applying to graduate school to receive her MFA.

As I peeked inside of Jessica’s art gallery I was really excited to see large photographs of portraits. The portraits mostly consisted of children posing in their bedroom. By examining the back round of the children’s room, you could tell if they are neat or messy.

After looking at the portraits, I asked Jessica why no one smiled in any of her pictures. She explained to me that when people usually smile in pictures they smile only because they have a camera in front of her face. Jessica is more interested in capturing a genuine facial expression in her photos.

IMG_1967 IMG_1968